Sunday, 20 February 2011


The changing skyline at London Bridge: Borough
Cathedral dwarfed by the Shard.


Misato is an amazing little Japanese restaurant in Chinatown, serving big plates of chicken katsu and a selection of bento boxes. This one, including 8 pieces of salmon sashimi, 2 rolls, 2 warm pork dumplings, fried chicken, seaweed salad and rice was only £8.50. Throw in some warm sake to share and you can eat your fill (or more than) for a tenner. It's usually packed and staff are run off their feet, but it's worth joining the queue for one of the best lunches in central London.


The darkening colours and papery textures of fading flowers are a thing of beauty.

Amethyst into gold

Transforming some old fabric into something new for spring.