Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Food and games

Last night, the boy and I swung by the Xbox Collectives launch in Mayfair. We had a sneak preview at the new Xbox interface which allows users to social network via Facebook and Twitter, and access Zune and last.fm directly. The navigation is intuitive and very easy to use, even to a non-gamer like myself.

Headlining the event were Paloma Faith and TaioCruz, who performed separately and then duetted for the finale. Paloma looked ravishing in her 40s pin curls, deep red dress and yellow burlesque feather fan.

Earlier on, we had dinner at a hyped and very well-reviewed new Italian restaurant in Soho. Although the service was excellent, and the dining room gorgeous, the main courses were disappointing. I barely had four bites from my partridge as it was very rare and the boy's tuna was miniscule and overwhelmed by a strong vinegar dressing. The highlights of the meal were the starters of giant green olives, homemade bread and deep-fried mozzarella balls.

Overall, the experience wasn't worth the price and £5.50 for a bottle of beer is surely a record for a Soho joint. It was very telling that the Italian couple at the next table left half of their food uneaten.

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