Friday, 8 January 2010

Grey Gardens

The combined effect of inches of snow and a horrible flu left me in a nesting mood today and wanting some comfort tv.

So I nestled under the duvet to watch 'Grey Gardens' with cat (just the one mind) to keep me company. A cult classic, from the same team who directed 'Gimme Shelter', the documentary features the Beales - Big Edie and Little Edie - Aunt and Cousin to Jackie Kennedy. Living in their now-rundown Hamptons mansion, it is an insight into their loving but highly dysfunctional relationship. Little Edie's unconventional signature style of headscarfs, brooches, underwear as outerwear and huge fur coats has influenced many a fashionista.

As I watched the bickering mother and daughter, often talking over each other with memorable quotes ("My body is a very precious place. It's concentrated ground.") I was reminded of another mother and daughter duo: Kath and Kim Day from the classic Australian series 'Kath and Kim'.

A well-observed black comedy with a constant source of quotable one liners makes this classic television that stands up to repeat viewing. If you've ever heard Kath chastise Kim with a stern 'Kimmy, look at me", you know what I mean.

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