Sunday, 2 May 2010

El Faro @ Canary Wharf

Ever since reading the Metro review of El Faro, I had wanted to visit this highly-rated Spanish restaurant, tucked away in Turnberry Quay near Canary Wharf.

The day was gorgeous so my friend Penny and I chose an alfresco table by the quay. We chose a selection of dishes from the tapas menu - king prawns, octopus, chorizo, meatballs, rounded off with some potatoes, and fresh green beans. The seafood was incredibly fresh and light, however the chorizo chunks on sticks were a little large and the texture very chewy. The green beans were spring-crisp and cooked in a little oil with cherry tomatoes and mushrooms which elevated the flavours.

Service was efficient and the bill was very reasonable for the range of dishes we ate. I left already making a mental note of when I could next fit in lunch and what dishes I will order.

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