Sunday, 20 June 2010


My friend C was over from NYC for two short days so Miss F and I put an end to our mid-week alcohol ban to celebrate with a gorgeous dinner at Villandry on Great Portland Street. Kicking off with a vodka cocktail, we soon progressed to a fine Bordeaux and got to work on our starters.

My globe artichoke was a winner, especially the whole hazlenut and aioli dressing. As the artichoke was bigger than my head, it drew admiring glances when it was brought to the table.

My main was a gorgeously melting duck leg with a herby toulouse sausage in a tomato broth. It was incredibly rich and probably a little on the heavy side for midsummer but I finished its lipsmacking goodness nonetheless.

We ordered a dessert to share and it was an excellent choice: a cheesecake with Mars bar chunks and a side of full-fat vanilla bean ice-cream. Service was a little on the snooty side but I suspect our toptable discount (a very generous 50%) had something to do with that. I'd still go back anytime I wanted a French-style feast in the heart of London. Brunch is particularly good too.

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