Saturday, 24 October 2009

Fatboy's Diner

Ever since seeing 'Sliding Doors' I had wanted to visit Fatboy's Diner.

Located at Trinity Buoy Wharf, it is only a ten minute walk by the Thames from the East India DLR station.

Fatboy's is a true forties-style American diner experience. The building itself was designed in New Jersey and shipped to London.

Food is authentically American, from classic burgers and dogs to malted shakes. The boy described the BBQ sauce on his hillbilly burger as one of the best he'd ever tasted. The fries were perfect and by far the best I have eaten in this fair city.

After eating (more than) our fill, we strolled back by the river, marvelling at a view I'd never seen before, even after living here for almost a decade.

(image source: Halindromes)

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