Thursday, 3 December 2009


C and I met up last night for the first time in months for a general gossip and sharing of job hunting and travel tales. As it was cold and bucketing with rain, we both needed something hot and comforting. Assa, a tiny Korean joint in Soho fit the bill perfectly. The place was full but it was worth the wait for a table.

We ordered the kimchi and pork hot pot, vegetable pancake and sides of rice, spinach and seaweed. The hot pot was brought to the table rare and cooked on a gas burner placed on the table (although I stole a few pieces of tofu while it was cooking). All ingredients tasted fresh from the market; the level of chilli and spices was expectedly high. Our waitress was a smiling whirlwhind of efficiency and the bill was a pleasant surprise. Cheap, cheerful and very, very good.

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