Friday, 4 December 2009

Back of the net

Today I passed my 'Life in the UK' test, the first step in gaining dual-citizenship. To achieve this, I have studied a 145-page book that covers everything from government, society and employment. I now know all manner of important facts, such as the year in which women were able to vote at the same age as men (1928), the total number of parliamentary constituencies (646) and the minimum wage for 16 year olds (£3.30).

The test itself is a strange concept; I doubt that most people who were born and/or raised in the UK would pass unless they have a very good recollection of their secondary school history and citzenship lessons. And it's even more odd to me that there is a complete lack of cultural content included: no Fawlty Towers, Beatles, Alfred Hitchcock or Vivienne Westwood. And that's just for starters.

However, it's certainly been an interesting journey so to celebrate in true English style, tonight I'll mostly be having curry and a pint!

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