Friday, 5 February 2010

Milk and Honey

It's been a while since I last drank at Milk and Honey in Soho. After an initial mixup with my details, a booth was mine for the evening. Accompanying me were Mr K and Ms K, whom I hadn't seen in months: there was a lot of catching up to be done.

The three of us were ravenously hungry so we ordered six dishes to share. However, this included a minuscule smoked salmon starter for £9 - I'm talking half a dozen 1cm cubes of smoked salmon with a crème fraiche filling. The food wasn't bad; just incredibly stingy for the price. On arriving home I had to have a late night snack so I was somewhat begrudging of the food bill.

However the drinks were excellent as always. I had two different champagne cocktails, both expertly prepared and deliciously smooth. The fizz made for excellent banter and some hours later, there was a high-heeled dash for a late tube.

With its low-lit booths and sublime drinks list, Milk and Honey is a great location for a romantic rendezvous, though I recommend eating before (or after) a cocktail or three.

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