Sunday, 24 October 2010

DIA Beacon

After a very scenic 90-minute train ride from Penn Station, we arrived at Beacon station which has a sweet view across the Hudson River. From there it was a few minutes' walk to the DIA: Beacon - which holds one of the finest collections of contemporary art I've seen.

The space is a converted print factory and its high ceilings, concrete floors and incredible natural light create a backdrop for the thoughtfully curated spaces; each gallery contains work by a single artist - in some instances a single work by a single artist. Many contemporary greats are here: from Beuys, Bourgeois, Flavin, Richter, Serra and Twombly.

I loved that there were none of the usual signs requesting visitors to 'stand back' or 'do not touch'. You can get close to the works and everyone respects the space and the artwork featured; this is a place where incredible architecture and fine curation meet.

Almost a month after visiting DIA, this remains one of the highlights of our trip to New York. A beacon indeed.

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