Monday, 4 October 2010


Yes, the whole no-reservation, add-your-name-to-the-list-and-wait is a bit of a pain but I'm certain it's a ploy to make the food taste even better. This was only my second visit to the Momofuku noodle bar in the East Village and being very hungover (from a night on the town with Miss Catherine) I was in the mood for pork, namely the sweet pork buns and pork ramen.

Our group of four was seated in the bar area right near the open kitchen and it was a delight to watch the chefs at work at their individual stations. Considering it's always busy, the service was exceptional and we had our starters on the table within ten minutes of placing our order. The pork buns were a twist on the classic dim sum favourite, using two slabs of pork belly served on a sweet flatbread. The ramen used the same cut of pork belly with additional pulled pork, braised mushrooms, a lightly poached egg and fresh noodles with just the right amount of bite. I left feeling restored from the nourishing broth and ready for another night out.

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