Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Meatball Shop

After a visit to the New Museum (great building, shame about the exhibitions), we were well placed to have lunch a few minutes walk away at The Meatball Shop. We'd been hearing a lot about this place as it's been getting excellent press coverage in the last few months.

The menu is simple: choose the type of meat, the sauce, the type of bread and any side dishes by ticking the relevant boxes on the laminated menu. I chose a couple of sliders (pork and beef) with spicy sauce and a side of steamed spinach. The meat was juicy and perfectly cooked. The boy chose the same but added the special which was a sublime lamb with tandoori sauce, yoghurt and coriander. Miss F ordered the risotto for her side but it was overly salted. More PBR please!

We left some room for their homemade ice cream sandwiches: a choice of 5 biscuits with 5 ice creams. We sample the coconut and vanilla, ginger snap and espresso, and peanut butter and vanilla. Being a hot 30+ degrees outside, this went down a treat. We could have lingered all afternoon but the East Village thrift and record stores were beckoning.

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